Great things have small beginnings

I recently decided that I wanted to create a blog for the purpose of documenting my artistic journey.

I thought, “wouldn’t it be neat to see my progress from start to finish?”

Not only that, but it would serve as a future tool for other artists striving to learn. Perhaps it will help to enlighten them with things they hadn’t thought about before.

So, I’d like to get right to it and jump into the things I’ve been studying tonight.

I recently purchased a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13, and I’ve been looking up studies with regards to lighting and blending, since I felt I was struggling a bit with my blending technique.  I have also been interested in ambient occlusion, and quickly realized how not-so-easy it is.

My curiosity was piqued with this article.


Attempt at ambient occlusion – Bulbasaur

The above speed paint was a sloppy attempt, and definitely shows where I was having difficulty blending as well.  I quickly learned that I had to find a better way to handle blending.

I started researching some videos on blending.


Istebrak is one of my favorite artists; she tells it like it is and gives honest feedback, no matter how harsh it may seem.  In my opinion, it has potential to be very useful constructive criticism if you can see past the seemingly “elitist” undertone.

Along with these videos, I also watched this by Istebrak in regards to form and lighting:

Well, that’s enough studying for one night. Maybe tomorrow I can practice. :)